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We use the immersive technology of VR to create real-life experiences that help children become rooted in their journey.



At Root VR we are building a hardware-delivered software ecosystem filled with unique, immersive treatment, training, and education modules to one day sit at the center of the next-generation adolescent mental health support toolkit used by clinicians, therapists, and parents alike.

In addition to extending currently used practices and techniques in powerful new ways and developing entirely new ones, our focus on technology-enabled remote treatment and telemedicine will help to democratize access to resources by the families who need them regardless of the traditional geographic, cultural, or economic barriers that have enabled the worsening global mental health crisis.

Examples of focus areas and treatment types we believe can be significantly enhanced through the use of purpose-built VR-based experiences include:


  • Education and Training

  • Relaxation and Regulation

  • Coping and Processing

  • Narrative Reframing

  • Exposure Conditioning

  • Family Integration

  • Individual and Group Support

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"Virtual Reality connects humans to other humans in a profound way that I've never seen before in any other media. And it can change people's perception of each other. And that's how I think virtual reality has the potential to actually change the world"

- Chris Milk - Filmmaker 

VR is the most immersive and connected media platform that has ever existed. It is predicted to be a 60 billion dollar industry by 2025 and currently, 35 million Americans are already virtual reality users. 



The word “root” tends to invoke the notion of building structure and stability due to its critical role as the stabilizing life source of the plant kingdom. While researching our brand and concept we discovered an incredible phenomenon in Meghalaya, India, where locals band together to create ‘living root bridges’ built solely from the pliable roots of live rubber fig trees. Living root bridges are constructed by manipulating the roots by hand to cross over waterways and other impassable terrains, with the incredible resulting natural structures being stronger and far more supportive than traditional man-made bridges. We believe the living root bridge is a perfect metaphor for our goals with Root: to leverage the nature of living, human connectedness and bridge the valley between new and old, pain and healing, and despair and hope for the children who need it most. 



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